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Eltham Hen House

564 westhorne avenue eltham london se9 6dr UK

Eltham Hen House

Chickens and small animal boarding

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Posted on September 24, 2016 at 5:42 AM
Hi guys, yes its national rabbit day today, and what a good time to have a little pre autumn check of your furry friends -
 Check the claws to make sure they are not too long and that they are all intact, bunnies can get carried away having a chew and end up with a sore one its always best to check.

 Make sure their teeth are ok, as you know bunnies can suffer from overgrown teeth and that doesn't always have to be from birth, they can bite the cage at times and the teeth alignment changes enough to stop the top and bottom rubbing sufficiently to keep them at the same length. 

 Check their eyes are nice and bright, not runny or crusty, sometimes stray bits of hay can get into the eye and make it a little sore. 

 A nice brush is always welcomed by your furry friend, they love the attention and its a good way to check for any pests in the fur, its said to be the worst year so far in many for flees, yes they like bunnies too and if your bunny likes to run in the garden just remember Mr fox and the odd hedgehog may have also had a wander too and they are in fact running alive with flees and ticks, always best to check - its perfectly normal especially this year but not nice for itchy bunny!

 Fly strike can happen at anytime of year not just summer when its nice and warm so always make sure you check the bottom - not all bunnies like to do this themselves and it can fall on us to do the job for them, saves any unfortunate things happening ;-( 

                                 BUT MOST OF ALL HUG YOUR BUNNY TODAY! ;-)  

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